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    I was running a script the other day that generates database scripts (classes) based on a database schema. At one point, a boundary function went Brownian on me and my generator began to spit out - what appeared to be - completely random (and meaningless) VBScript code.<BR><BR>On a whim, I tried to execute the resulting script. When I ran it, I received various error messages. I guess I had that coming. But what I noticed was that the error messages could be deciphered as pointers to passages in various religious texts of the world. For example, one script created a message that pointed to the Koran (QUeue RANdomized) that spoke of the ascension of a great prophet. Another pointed to the Bible, yet another to Torah.<BR><BR>Here is my question: Can VBScript help me prove the existence of (a) God? If so, is there not a simpler function to deduce this fact, for example:<BR><BR> if isGod(a) then<BR><BR>And while I&#039m on that subject, why does this function:<BR><BR> a = DateDiff("d". Beginning, End) <BR><BR>always result in the number 7 (days)?<BR><BR>And if you think about it, couldn&#039t the ABS function be directly related to all of this? Like some sort of &#039hint&#039? And what is that SIN() function really all about?<BR><BR>

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    I thought you were serious about (at least the value returned by) this one:<BR><BR>&#062; why does this function:<BR>&#062; a = DateDiff("d", Beginning, End) <BR>&#062; always result in the number 7 (days)?<BR><BR>Like an idiot I tried it. <BR><BR>So now I get to ask you: Do *you* know what it actually produces? (No fair being stupid like me and actually trying it! Figure it out from the rules of VBScript!)<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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