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    Does anyone know any performance tests comparing the performance of ASP and Cold Fusion? I am planning on making my company&#039s website dynamic (database driven), and am wondering what provides the best performance (what accesses the data and displays it the quickest)<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Mike G.

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    ASP is quicker for record retrieval.<BR>Cold Fusion is a Machine KILLER if running on NT using a RAS dialup.<BR>I have to do an AT bounce of Cold Fusion 4.01 on a 4 hour basis or it will grow too big and lock up. This is on a 53k dialup, with NT4.0_SP5, 128mb, IIS4, on a P200mmx. On the LAN it runs fine.<BR>Cold Fusion on the Solaris box has been running fine and fast.<BR>Cold Fusion has a great index engine and mail engine.<BR>CF also has it&#039s own programming language, visual studio.<BR>Allaire followers have their own cult and a message board at<BR>CF has the ability to run on both Unix and NT.<BR>I use both for different purposes.<BR>

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