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    Rob Guest

    Default Small Javascript Project

    I am looking for someone to do a small javascript project for me.<BR>It is very small but must be completed ASAP and definately by the<BR>end of tomorrow.<BR>Please only contact me if you are of the utmost skilled in javascript. I don&#039t want a learner, I want a pro. Someone who has done several javascript applicvations. This is client side javascript.<BR>Please contact me at <BR><BR>The rate will be 20.00 per hour.<BR><BR>United States Only!!!!

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    Alphabet Guest

    Default Value of a pro ($$$?)

    If you really want a pro, you should offer more money.<BR><BR>

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    me again Guest

    Default RE: Small Javascript Project

    Hi Rob,<BR><BR>FYI, The rate for a &#039pro&#039 is generally between $100 and $150 per hour.

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    Mark Turkel Guest

    Default RE: Small Javascript Project

    From all of us "Professional" developers, THANK YOU!<BR>That is a fair rate *if* the developer is a true professional -- ie. followups, bug fixes, and good "bedside manner"...

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