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    I want to design a magazine website with a database feeding the article into the template.<BR><BR>1. I want to design the site with ASP and MS Access then upgrade it to SQL (because it&#039s faster). Can I do this?<BR><BR>2. Then, all I&#039ll have to do is change the connection string in the ASP right?<BR><BR>Or is this a lot more complicated than I think it is. (The organization I&#039m working for is running an NT webserver.)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris

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    Default SQL is a language, not a database system...

    I think you mean you want to upgrade from Access to SQL Server, both of which are MS database systems, right?<BR><BR>Anyway, the major danger is that you end up using SQL code that works in Access but not in SQL Server. Since Access&#039s version of SQL sits "on top" of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), it tends to be more flexible and "looser" (more forgiving of minor errors) than SQL Server.<BR><BR>So check the reference manuals for both products and *try* to use only syntax that works on both systems. And if you use something that must change (Autonumber is the example that I can think of first! Very different!), just be sure to make a note of it and mark any assumptions based on Access real well in your code.<BR><BR>

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    Default Not very complicated

    Yep the connection string has to be changed<BR><BR>BUT<BR><BR>so do the queries<BR><BR>Sql Server has a different syntax than Access <BR><BR>just a few exampples<BR><BR>for a date in Access you will enclose it between # and in &#039 for Sql Server<BR>to insert a date you will say date() in access and getdate() in Sql Server<BR><BR>there are these few changes but other than that there will nto be much work...why not just start in Sql Server there are triggers sp and all that good stuff in Sql Server i dont know if access supports that stuff

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