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    Jason Guest

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    I moved several asp files to an NT4 machine with IIS 3.0 None of the ASP works (it just displays the raw code). Why is this? Should ASP work on IIS 3.0?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default You have to configure *and* start the ASP server..

    ...and possibly configure the server to know you are using ASP.<BR><BR>If the ASP engine isn&#039t running, then the Web server doesn&#039t know what else to *do* with .asp files.<BR><BR>The configuration is likely the step you are missing.<BR><BR>No, I don&#039t know how to do it. We have MIS people who do that stuff for us. If you don&#039t have any, then you&#039ll have to get the docs out and read. Look for "configuring the server" or something along those lines.<BR>

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    Jason Guest

    Default Thanks

    Ok. Thanks

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