Can't add form data to 2 tables...

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Thread: Can't add form data to 2 tables...

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    Default Can't add form data to 2 tables...

    I just keep forgetting how to add data to 2 different tables in one db.<BR><BR>You see, my add.asp page works when it&#039s<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT * from Members" as the table is members, obviously.<BR><BR>Great, I have 2 tables with a column called &#039user&#039 I just want to add my text field "user" to BOTH tables. But what is the syntax for that?<BR><BR>I try table1,table2 and it bombs. Sadly, I am lost.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Could you explain again

    You wnat to insert into tow tables with one insert statement??<BR><BR>I dont think it is possible.<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>Are you trying to select data from two different tables??

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    The eaiest way would be to just use two seperate insert statements

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    Default RE: Could you explain again

    Yes. Actually, I just want to add:<BR><BR>Username<BR><BR>Press Submit<BR><BR>Username goes to 2 tables, "Table1" and Table1"<BR><BR>Whether it&#039s 2 insert statements or not, I have no clue.<BR><BR>That&#039s the problem. Can that work? As long as that data goes to both tables after hitting submit, I am a happy clown. Which is what I feel like as I bet this is easy.<BR><BR>Thanks

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