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    I just read the article that Paradox wrote on using javascript to do server side scripting, and it was excellent. Every thing worked the way I needed it to, except one thing. Making the calls to server.createobject worked fine at the top of the page, but not inside of a javascript function. Anyone have any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>-Dave

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    Default Sorry, but I do not believe you...

    &#062; Every thing worked the way I needed it to, except...Making the <BR>&#062; calls to server.createobject...inside of a javascript function. <BR><BR>Huh? That comment makes no sense. The Server object, which is what is invoked in order to call its "CreateObject" method, couldn&#039t possibly have any idea of whether it was being called from within a function or not! And certainly JS doesn&#039t care when or where it calls a method on an external object (if it did, then doing Response.Write from inside a function would not work, either!).<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>I must conclude that you have a goof in your coding. But I can&#039t possibly be sure until and unless you show your code.<BR><BR>

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