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Thread: ASP Login Script Vs. NT Authentication

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    Could someone point me to article/web site/etc. on the pros/cons of having logins by ASP VS. NT Authentication...I am interested in questions of security, how to program for, etc...Data is sensitive and users should only be able to see &#039their&#039 data...<BR><BR>I would think that NT is most secure and best but is probably more difficult to program for via ASP...<BR><BR>Thanx in advance...<BR><BR>Ripper

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    Default Cant think of where except MSDN

    Actually NT authentication is very easy <BR><BR>you just use Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") to ge the login name of the user and then check that login name with your DB and get the uid<BR><BR>with the normal login you have to check the login name and pwd with the DB and get the uid<BR><BR>Ofcourse since you are thinking of NT authentication you are only considering an intRAnet environment right<BR><BR>cause the users will have to be authenticated by NT as in they have to login to their machine with their login name and pwd

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