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    I am working on a project where we need to calculate distances from street address to street address in a metro area. I have heard of components that calculate distances from zip code to zip code, but I need something more accurate.<BR><BR>This technology is used on most yellow pages and mapping sites - basically it converts the address to a latitude and longitude (a pretty damned precise coordinate, at that), then you use some math to compute distances between two points.<BR><BR>Anyone know of such a component that will work with IIS? Also, where can I find info on it?<BR><BR>It doesn&#039t have to be cheap or free. :)<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    I don&#039t think you are going to find a strickly ASP component to do that. What you are talking about is taking two addresses and performing an "address geocoding" routine against an electronic map layer. That is a capablity found in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). There are several Web-based GIS software packages out there, most of them are made by a single company called Environmental Systems Research Institute (www.esri.com).<BR><BR>Their products include: Map Objects Internet Map Server, ArcIMS, and ArcView IMS.<BR><BR>AutoDesk (makers of AutoCAD) also has a product called MapGuide.<BR><BR>Intergraph Corporation also makes one, But I don&#039t recall what the name of it.<BR><BR>I also believe that there are several map sites like MapQuest for example, that will allow companies to "tie-in" to their existing systems for a fee.<BR><BR>Another thing to consider, is GIS can have a fairly step learning curve associated with it, you might want to consider finding a GIS developer to assist you.

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