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    I&#039m new to ASP and looking general answer to get me going in the right direction....<BR><BR>I&#039m making a web page where users will go to a screen to view and edit work orders. I want them to enter the screen and have the work order be in read only form.. Then from there they will be able to click a button that will let them edit the work order if they have the correct permissions.... Most of this I can picture how to do, but I&#039m a little fuzzy on the what would be the best way to switch the page from "view" to "edit" mode....<BR><BR><BR>Anyone have any suggestions???

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    pass the ID of the record the user wnats to edit as a parameter to the edit page <BR><BR><BR>basically each button click will have the ID of ONLY that record and since you are doing this on the fly it will be easy to diplay and concatinate the id as a parameter<BR><BR>in the edit page use the request object to get the records and populate the necessary fields

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    Have the button resubmit the form and check permissions. Then you can assign a variable based on whether or not they have permissions to determine whether or not to set the "DISABLED" in the text fields. <BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE=TEXT ID="SOMETHING" VALUE=&#060;%=value%&#062;<BR> &#060;%If not permissionOK = "TRUE" then%&#062;DISABLED&#060;%end if%&#062; &#062;

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