backing up and updating ".mdb" file

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Thread: backing up and updating ".mdb" file

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    I would like to update a ".mdb" file. Basically, im uploading a new database to the server to replace the existing database. My problem is, how can i manage this without cutting service? I know that i can use the "Insert Into" with Access, however, im worried this function will not work if the structure of the new updated database is different from the existing database. What is the easiest way to go about doing this without cutting service. Any useful links would be good too. Thanks.

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    Many ways<BR>Create ASP pages with forms that update the data and create new data. This could be a big project depending on your expertise and the number of tables.<BR><BR>A better Way<BR>Upgrade to SQL server and use Enterprise Manager to update manage the database. You are able to design, update, append, etc without taking the database down. It keeps running.

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