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    I just purchased "Developing ASP Components" published by Oreilly<BR>and written by Shelly Powers. I&#039m comfortable with ASP scripting and I&#039ve done some Visual Basic desktop apps. In view of the coming of ASP+ is it going to be a valuable excercise for me to read and understand this book and will that knowledge port to ASP+ development? ASP+ is where I want to go and I&#039m wondering if knowing how to develop these ASP componenets that the book will teach me will help me get there.<BR><BR>I don&#039t want to waste my time learning methods that are soon to be outdated but I also want to move beyond scripting.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>John

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    Joel M Guest

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    From what I&#039ve seen... ASP isn&#039t going to go away... there are a few issues that I&#039ve noticed that are a little bit easier in the old ASP runtime...<BR><BR>my opinion of how the situation will go, is that the main pages of a website are still going to be ASP... but any heavy processing or mass database access will be ASP plus based because of the performance gain that compiled code will bring... but keep going on with your ASP knowledge... it&#039s still in beta

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    Joel Mueller Guest

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    Joel,<BR><BR>ASP is -so- going away. ASP+ is orders of magnitude better in every direction. There will be a pretty long transition time as people get used to the new technology, but if you thought that ASP was better than IDC/HTX programming, ASP+ is a -much- bigger improvement over ASP than ASP was over IDC/HTX.<BR><BR>In other words, ASP+ is to ASP as fiber-optic telecommunications are to smoke signals (that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much).<BR><BR> - Joel<BR><BR>PS: Joel, could you use your entire last name so people can tell us apart?

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    dude, you are so right...<BR><BR>I&#039m sorry to all who may have read my post... it wassaid before even trying ASP+<BR><BR>I just was able to install ASP+ on my machine yesterday, and it&#039s ten times better than regular ASP... mainly because of the fact that it&#039s actually VB now (or any of the languages for that matter). sure it&#039s gonna take a lot to get used to, but I&#039m all for learning new things....

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