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    Lorinda Carnes Guest

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    I am trying to play a sound, something as simple as the VB beep will do just fine. I am testing for a database value being not equal to a session variable. If they are not equal, beep. I have no problem with the IF .. THEN .. ELSE construct, the logic is not the problem. I have tried the Visual Basic "beep" command to no avail. Help!

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    Voll Guest

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    download/open a wave file to client when the values not equal.

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    I have to assume you are talking about server-side, since you could not ever "play a sound with ASP" on the client side (you would use HTML for that).<BR><BR>If that is correct, then no, you cannot without obtaining (or writing) a custom component. Even then, unless you wanted to give your IIS/ASP threads obscene authority levels, you would STILL not be able to directly control the speaker on the server.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>And if you are talking about on the client side (in the browser), then - as I said - it is not an ASP question, it is an HTML question.

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