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    I&#039m submitting some information from a form via the querystring. I&#039ve made sure that I grab the info, and set it to a variable, but when I want to go and verify it, I get some problems. The information I&#039m trying to verify are some checkboxes, at least one of the four needs to be checked. I&#039m running my check as such:<BR><BR>if (morning=on or afternoon=on or evening=on or late_night=on) then<BR>contact_time=true<BR>else<BR>contact_time= false<BR>end if<BR><BR>All variables are set and defined before trying to run the check, but no matter what I do, or what the information submitted is, contact_time will never change it&#039s value from whatever I define it as beforehand. What am I doing wrong here guys?<BR><BR>Steve<BR><BR>

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    i assume you are doing this...<BR><BR>morning = request.querystring("checkboxname")<BR><BR>and for the other variables also<BR><BR>then you will have to do this<BR><BR>if (morning="on".....

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    I can&#039t be certain without seeing more of your code, but does it help to do this<BR><BR>if (morning="on" or afternoon="on" or evening="on" or late_night="on") then<BR>...<BR><BR>HTH

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