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    Paully Guest

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    Okay, This is strange.<BR><BR>Every day when I get to work I get a 500 internal server error on the server when I try to access any of our sites (6).<BR><BR>Initially it says HTTP 1.1 Too busy then it goes in to the 500 server error.<BR><BR>I checked the logs but they aren&#039t revealing anything. I Also checked the event viewer and it had nothing to say. <BR><BR>This has been happening everyday for a week. Server worker fine for 7 weeks prior and no new applications have been installed since.<BR><BR>papostolos_1999@yahoo.com

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    Voll Guest

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    Its sounds like a security issue. What you need to do is set up auditing on the initial pages/scripts for everyone (as a start). Access the files, check event viewer. If you don&#039t get anything. Then go to sysinternals and download some of thier monitoring software (disk monitor, file monitor, reqistry monitor, etc). This should give you a blow by blow account of whats going on. Atleast you should be able to see what is not loading. Which is a start.<BR><BR>Good luck

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