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    Zola Guest

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    I have created an Access database for a role-playing game but I am having a problem. I would like to use several different updatable queries depending on the type of character the user is playing. I have tried a couple of different ways of assigning relationships, but basically what happens is that I can get the first query to work, and the data can be assigned and updated, but the moment I try to use the other query, although the data gets added, you can&#039t query it, so the information is sitting there but you can&#039t read it. <BR><BR>I have tried changing the relationships around, I have tried having separate primary keys and foreign keys, and I have tried changing the relationships between the tables, such as one to one and one to many. It is probably something simple, but I am just too new to Access to be able to figure it out.<BR><BR>I have uploaded the database to: <BR><BR><BR><BR>so that it can be looked at. The two main queries I am interested in working with right now are the Vampire and Garou queries. Any help you can give me would be enormously appreciated, as I have been working on this miserable thing for close to 5 days now and it STILL doesn&#039t work =(<BR><BR>I will watch this board, of course, but if you are willing to look at it and want to ask me any questions, you can reach me via e-mail at , AIM username Zo1a, or ICQ UIN 2048151. Your help is MUCH appreciated!<BR><BR>TIA<BR> Zola

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    Zola Guest

    Default RE: Database set-up help--SOLVED!

    Thanks to anyone who may have been looking at my database.

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