I have a main "Order" XML file which stores shopping cart type data in a session variable. But I also need to store uploaded images with the order. For now I just have an ID in the Main XML file that associates the order item with an image stored in SQL Server.<BR><BR>I would like to move all of this image data to XML. I can convert the image/file and store it using the Base64 method in the XML but that makes the XML HUGE. And of course takes away from it being stored temporarly in a Session variable.<BR><BR>How can I link from the Main Order XML to external XML files which would store the image data and only grab that info when needed. Which would be at the end of the order when it is emailed to the supplier?<BR><BR>Thanks Scott for adding this forum. My only question is why did it take so long? :-)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>brian@asp-search.com