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    OK, I have an ASP driven site and what I want to do is basically take all the images on the site and be able to shrink them down to a thumbnail to put em on the front page. My problem is I want to be able to have the client do this automatically just by checking a button. <BR>So say they go to a product and click on a check box, then that product will automatically create a thumbnail and put it on the front page w/ price, quantity and whatever.<BR>I can do it fine with the ASP and entering no in the DB and basically making the table appear fine on the front page, however I am confused as to how to get the images to shring, I f I change the image dimensions, the image will look very blurred and not very nice, plus if I set it to a standard change then products with different size image i.e. squares vs. rectangles will come out looking different.<BR>Any ideas of how this can be done are more then appreciated.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>

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    there are components that can do this<BR><BR>try - just drill down through the index till you find the right category<BR><BR>j

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