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    Hi<BR><BR>I am going to be developing a web based application that has a core in java. I am wanting to know if applets and ASP can feed each other in some way?<BR><BR>I also am wanting to know if there is some way I can send emails at specific times (i.e. automatically sends an email at a set time or interval(s)) , I am assuming if this is possible it must be some sort of serverside component - it needs to be running even when no-one is requesting pages if you know what I mean.<BR><BR>I have done basic ASP with those sites running on NT Server. I am just wanting to know if the things I have mentioned are possible as I am still deciding which route to take.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Dan

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    You can use java classes through COM, and you can use EJB by using the COM bridge available from Sun - there are articles on about it.<BR><BR>There are a few ways of sending emails on a scheduled basis. If they&#039re data dependant I tend to use Scheduled DTS Packages in SQL Server. Otherwise you can use Windows Scripting Host and the Task Scheduler.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Default RE: Java and ASP interacting?<BR><BR>this explains one way in detail. useful if you don&#039t have a means of creating a com wrapper for a standard class (say, one created with JDK)<BR><BR>j

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