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    Hello and welcome to the newest forum to ASPMessageboard.com - the XML Forum! Recently there have been a number of great XML-related questions on the advanced forums... After receiving a number of requests from various users, I decided to go ahead and create an XML forum! This is the place for all those XML-related questions you have!<BR><BR>For more information on XML, please do be sure to check out our comprehensive listing of XML articles on the Web at:<BR>http://www.4GuysFromRolla.com/webtech/XML.shtml<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Default Whats the point?

    I realize this isnt the right place to ask this but I figure what the hell, its a new forum. Not to mention, I dont see to many questions being asked in here. Ok well here a little question maybe to spark some conversation...<BR><BR>What is the point of XML? I understand its more of a data thing rather then a display (HTML) thing but I am wondering how XML can be used. Concrete examples would be best in "real-life" applications.<BR>Thanks for your help!

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