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    vbscript and jscript codes side by side --abs same <BR><BR>Any Ideas??? ...looks exactly the same<BR><BR><BR>***************this is working<BR>Dim App <BR>Dim myvar<BR>Dim ovar<BR>Set App = CreateObject("egainvss2.vss2findsp")<BR>ovar = "07796335757"<BR>res = App.getsp(ovar, myvar)<BR>MsgBox(myvar)<BR>*********************th is is not working<BR>*********************gives me an undefined value at the other<BR>errors during the call<BR><BR>var objvss2;<BR>var spcode;<BR>var inputvar;<BR>objvss2 = new ActiveXObject("egainvss2.vss2findsp");<BR>inputvar ="07796335757";<BR>res = objvss2.getsp(inputvar,spcode);<BR>WScript.Echo("i nputvar"+inputvar);<BR>WScript.Echo("spcode:"+spco de);<BR>WScript.Echo("response:"+res);<BR><BR>

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    looks like &#039myvar&#039 is uninitialized (i.e. it doesn&#039t have a value yet)<BR><BR>what&#039s it supposed to be?<BR><BR>j

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