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    As a developer of commercial software products I need to protect my code. The best way to do this in a web based ASP application is to lock all the code up into a component DLL.<BR>The problem is that very few hosting services will install a DLL on their servers.<BR><BR>Its catch 22 - if the component has been around for ages, has hundreds of users and obviously works they will sometimes put it up. But if it is a new component - forget it! So how does one get hundreds of happy users if users can&#039t install the product?<BR><BR>So how do you market a software product if customers hosting services won&#039t allow them to install it?<BR><BR>If you have got to supply the product in &#039ASP only&#039 form, how does one protect ones copyright? <BR><BR>So what&#039s the point of doing component based development if you can&#039t sell the end product?<BR><BR>

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    Three major reasons for developing component based web applications are reusability, scalability, and functionality. Having ASP&#039s host your dll is rarely a simple process unless you&#039re friends with the ASP (remember, relationships make things happen). However, my company doens&#039t use an ASP. We have everything in-house so I can register dll&#039s on where it makes sense. If you want to develop canned solutions and you can&#039t find an ASP to host them, then consider entering into the ASP market yourself and only host your applications. <BR><BR>bart

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