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    Glenn Gabe Guest

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    I have a question regarding creating links from data pulled from an Access Database via ASP. I have been using ASP for about a year now and have created a few sites that pull data dynamically and create links from some of the data, etc., but when the word or words that you want to use as a link is within a field, I don&#039t know how to specify that word as a link without making the entire field&#039s value a link as well. For example, if in a field named description, I have the following text: "Glenn would like to link to a website." and I only want "website" to have the link associated with it. I don&#039t want to break out the word "website" and place in in a separate table named "links"... Is there a way in the database to flag this word and then have ASP figure out that the word should be in an anchor tag? Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Glenn

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    MG Guest

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    Does every record have the word "website"?

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