We have a database-driven FAQ-System. Depending on a choosen language the system show the language-specific Questions and Answers. The database as back-end is MS-Access. <BR><BR>By now it&#039s not possible add and read Cyrillic-letters. We also change already the codepage on it&#039s specific language. <BR><BR>For English "Windows-1252" and for Russian "Windows-1251". <BR><BR>BUT - IT WILL NOT WORK EXACTLY.<BR><BR>What must we change in our code. <BR><BR>BTW - Our site is full database and ASP-driven. Even in the head we write depending on the chosen language a different charset.<BR><BR>Please - we need the help from an expert.<BR><BR>For demonstration go to http://www.irina.at and click on "Information Area". After this click on the Russian-flag! <BR><BR>The first bold line should show Cyrillic-text. But doesn&#039t.<BR><BR>If it&#039s possible, please send us your solution directly to mailto:development@irina.at<BR>