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Thread: How to set a modal window in Netscape

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    Hi..<BR>1) How to set up a modal window in Netscape. ?<BR>I went and searched found that there is an option "MODAL" for window open. I tried it .but didn&#039t work..They say i works with signed scripts only..What do you mean by signed scripts...Does anyone have any idea of implementing it .<BR><BR>3) How to set a Single line border for the columns in a Table in Netscape.?<BR>What I mean is that the the border of coloums will be one staright line instead of seperate ones..If u want more explaination .please look at the site and check out the table for displaying the medal tally. All the borders are in the form of a single line ...<BR> Does anyone can give any idea on doing this in Netscape....<BR><BR>Go to Programmers Heaven for more resources.....<BR> Happy programming....(HLL)<BR>

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    don&#039t bother with signed scripts, just put &#060;body onblur="self.focus()" in the popup<BR><BR>as for table borders it&#039s a style property<BR><BR>.tableClass { border: 1px solid black; }<BR><BR>j

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