Can ASP read NT Login/Passwords?

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Thread: Can ASP read NT Login/Passwords?

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    keith5000 Guest

    Default Can ASP read NT Login/Passwords?

    I&#039m developing a login based intranet site. The user base wishes to use their existing NT network logins/passwords to gain access to the site, rather than a new login that we would store in the database.<BR><BR>The question: How can ASP gain access to all users&#039 logins and passwords on the network?<BR><BR>The web server will be on the same network, of course.

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    Reggie Guest

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    I don&#039t think so, it would be too much of a security hole to have access to the passwords. You can get their login name with &#060;%=Request.ServerVariables("logon_user")%&#06 2; If everyone is logging into a domain you could just set the permissions on the folder to allow only certain people to access files in it.

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