I have a new login routine for users due to PKI implementation. My initial page lets users login or sends them to a registration page. The register.htm works fine and the browser indicates that register.asp works, too. However, my database remains empty, and processlogin.asp brings up a blank page. I&#039ve sent numerous posts to the aspfreeforall list and conversed with T.Rowe on-line and by phone for the last 2 weeks - this has him stumped.<BR> We&#039ve re-written the .asp code for all pages and the login.mdb database. I&#039ve reinstalled the database in Control Panel&#062;Data Sources (ODBC)&#062;System DSN and rechecked permisions in IIS 4.0&#039s MMC and in FP2000 (I run this on a NT 4.0 server that is my PDC and application server.)<BR> T. Rowe tested this on his machine and it worked. His conclusion is that it must be a permission problem. I would have to agree. My question is: What is a systematic way to diagnose/fix the problem? My hunch is to use the NT Resource Kit and reset the ACL&#039s, and start over again with them; but I&#039m unsure what the default security settings are in IIS&#039s MMC and in FP2000. Advice?