What I have here is a page showing all the content of<BR>my database &#060;-- main page. When someone clicks on one of the links I want<BR>the content of the url to appear in another page using my template. The url<BR>is contained in my database.<BR><BR>What basically I&#039m doing is a gaming webpage where someone comes along and<BR>lets say looks for PC game cheats. He/She then clicks on PC which shows them<BR>a whole lot of games and alink for each one. The link is provided in the<BR>database. What happens is that when the link is clicked they are then<BR>transported to another page within a prepared template and the content of<BR>the url appears in it.<BR><BR>I have another question if you have time. Ok, I have a gaming page and there<BR>are a huge amount of game titles. So they are broken down by title, meaning<BR>all the games starting with &#039A&#039 are on one page. Is it possiable to on a<BR>main page displaying A &#124 B &#124 ... such that when &#039A&#039 is clicked the same page<BR>will refersh and just display games with &#039A&#039?<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>Kevin<BR>