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    ev0 Guest

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    Could some one help me on this, i was w2ondering if its safe enuff to send a cookie to the user to be able to automaticly logged in. Is it pretty safe or should i use Session?

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    Big Al Guest

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    I t all depends on what information the user is trying to access. If it is just a normal site I see no reason for not saving the login as a cookie. but you will need to have an option to turn the cookie login off, as the user might not be using the same computer.

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    PB Guest

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    If the user won&#039t delete the cookie!<BR><BR>I usuall keep an id for the cookie, plus the value of the cookie, in a database.<BR><BR>If he delete&#039s the cookie, you can try to do different checks with the id.

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    ev0 Guest

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    Well its a administration part of the site but its checks the database and see if the have access to it but they also can use the cookie to log into forums and chat and **** what do you think i should use? I could use both couldnt i?

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    Scouse Guest

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    On my last site I used cookies and a login page. If the cookie is present the user is taken straight into the site, otherwise they have to login - the login page checks the details against those stored in an xml document (fetched using the login details to make up the document name!)

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