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    Big Al Guest

    Default Formating

    I have a large text area, which users input information. is there anyway to keep the formating that they enter. e.g charage returns and titles etc....

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    Rob Guest

    Default RE: Formating

    replace(request.form("myTextarea"),chr(13),"<BR>") <BR><BR>This will put the carriage returns in it

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    Big Al Guest

    Default dosn't work

    I get this error<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a0414&#039 <BR><BR>Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub <BR><BR>/bupa_press/data.asp, line 33 <BR><BR>replace(request.form("user_body"),chr(13), "")<BR>---------------------------------------------^<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default RE: dosn't work

    Try like this<BR>MyVar = replace(request.form("user_body"),chr(13),"")<BR>

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