I&#039m writing some asp code that reads a cookie, parses the cookie info and then pulls out the course code to display a directory listing of the course folder.<BR><BR>the cookie format is:<BR><BR>userName+magicNumber+studId+fullName+co urseCode<BR><BR>when I read the cookie in using "Request.Cookies(cookiename)" all the + have been replaced with spaces and I can no longer parse the string to seperate the individual pieces.<BR><BR>The cookie gets set as follows:<BR><BR>johnh+8888+8034331+John%20Henry+03 43111B<BR><BR>it comes out like<BR><BR>johnh 8888 8034331 John Henry 0343111B<BR><BR>which makes it difficult to parse into sections.<BR><BR>I cannot change the delimeter as the cookie is being set elsewhere. Anybody have any ideas why the plus&#039s are lost?<BR><BR>Cheers - Craig.