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    David McG Guest

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    I&#039ve just start to use ASP, but I can&#039t get anything to work. I&#039ve installed NT option Pack and have the web server working for html, but any ASP pages no matter how simple will not run. <BR>I get massages like &#039There is a problem with the page or it jujst hangs&#039. I&#039ve looked all over the web and books, but no joy.

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    LeeAnnie Guest

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    Have you installed MDACS?

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    David McG Guest

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    I have, but I&#039m not even accessing a database, just decalring a variable, giving it a value and displaying it.<BR><BR>

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    Sun Microsystems Guest

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    Hey man, Best of Luck, why the hell you wanna learn ASP. If you say ASP itself is touch then how about Java<BR>Don&#039t Cry there come and dir here instead.

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