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    HELP - I am having serious problems running a Stored procedure from a web page, the problem lies in two of the variables that i send...Startdate and Enddate, basically it works on my development machine..but not on any clients..and this is if only if I use a CALENDAR Control to set the dates, for example, if the dates are pulled from a text box, it works fine on the client and the development machine..but if i request the dates from a Calendar on the previous page. it only works on the DEV machine. I have shown the sql command(using response.write) and it is the same on the clients..and it gets the values no problem.<BR>i just get an errors occured message..80040e21 ...there cant be any problem with the code because. it works on my machine perfectly.

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    I have noticed that the Date/Time/Region settings in the Control Panel are used throughout applications, including the DB and ASPs...check to see if the settings on the two machines are identical (i.e., if one is set to French format or something else, this might cause problems)

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