1) I build a dynamic form each time.<BR>2) Form may be different for each user.<BR>2a) Form may have some input fields that other forms did not have.<BR>3) Some fields are required and others are not.<BR>4)I build the SQL statement on the fly.<BR><BR>5)Because of 1-4 the Insert SQL statement ONLY includes cols and values where value is NOT BLANK by user. <BR>6)The col names and values can change each time, the order of the colnames and values can change anytime. <BR>7)Code checks for REQUIRED fields, others may be inserted as nulls.<BR><BR>Question-- I want to use a stored procedure to handle this?<BR><BR>I&#039ve read the "Using Dynamic SQL statements in Stored Procedures" article on 4guysfrom.com<BR>It assumes that you now what the input from the user will be.<BR>