Is there a way to encrypt data sent to/from a SQL server via OLE DB or ODBC connections? I&#039d like to connect from a web server at one host to a SQL server at another host, but there&#039s going to be sensitive data stored in the DB, so I&#039d like to make sure it&#039s not being sent as plain text when I query the database using ADO objects. <BR><BR>The reason I ask is that I printed out the objConn.ConnectionString property for my OLEDB SQL server connection object, and I saw the following:<BR><BR>"Use Encryption for Data=False"<BR><BR>I was wondering whether adding "Use Encryption for Data=True" to the ConnectionString of the Connection object would provide for encryption between the client/server when sending data. I searched around in MS documentation, but I couldn&#039t find anything. Any input would be helpful here!<BR><BR>