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    I&#039m new to ASP and am using Visual Interdev 6.0 as an editor. My question: Are people generally using Visual Interdev&#039s design time controls? Are they reliable? Are they worth learning? What&#039s the best way to get up and running on ASP development? Most of my projects involve web-based searches of small databases with only a few tables -- not large enterprise applications.

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    Personally I am not a big fan of the "Visual" products. I use a great editor called EditPlus. Also I recommend reading 4Guys articles to get started, thats what I did and I was making working scripts fairly quickly. Also, for small tables you might want to consider using delimitted text files, they work well and are quicker. They can be accessed the same way as a database also. There are several articles on 4Guys on how to manipulate text files

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