I have just started using ASP. I&#039ve read a lot of articles from several sites regarding the "best" way to mainting the number of active visitors, how many times a page has been hit, and how many visitors are online. So far, I have created a database that holds all of my information. I use the global.asa file to keep track of the number of active users and to increase the number of visitors in my database. BUT!!!! When end users don&#039t allow cookies, everytime they go to a new page, the global.asa creates another session thus increasing the number of visitors! Can I check to see if cookies are enabled within the global.asa to skip those users who don&#039t have cookies enabled? I&#039d rather have low numbers than a visitor refreshing their screen a hundred times thus increasing my visitor count! I found that I could use the javascript (!navigator.CookiesEnabled) function, but the global.asa is using VBscript! Is there a similar function in VBScript? Help!!!!