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    Raymond Guest

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    I want to be able to keep a database of our users on our web site, they&#039re name, addy, phone, email, etc.. and allow them to sign on with a password, but i want it to be secure. I know how to store the information in the database, but I want the password to be stored encrypted and sent encrypted so you don&#039t get something like <BR>http://www.whatever.com/login.asp?UID=theblade&PWD=yessir!<BR><BR>What can I do?

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    Jairo Guest

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    Raymond,<BR>If you use a &#060;form method="post"&#062;, you can pass the username/password values without displaying it in the URL.<BR><BR>It depends on how secure you want and need it to be. How secure are you talking about?<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Jairo<BR>http://www.citywebarchitects.com

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    Raymond Guest

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    Well, I am using a form, method=post and as added security I post it through a secure server https://<BR><BR>Is that secure enough to thwart attempts from all but the most savvy crackers?<BR><BR>Raymond

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