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    Curtis Batt Guest

    Default Netscape Post / Response performance issues

    I&#039ve read a few of the threads about this issue here on this board, but none of them are answering my questions. So I thought I&#039d create a new thread and hopefully get some light shed on the matter.<BR><BR>The server platform that everything is running on is:<BR>Windows 2000, IIS 5, ASP 3, SQL Server 7<BR><BR>I have a multipart form that operates in this manner:<BR><BR>1. The user is presented with a form containing 31 fields<BR><BR>2. There are no HTML issues with the form (I&#039ve validated by hand and by machine)<BR><BR>3. The form&#039s action is a large .asp that handles all of the processing then Response.Redirects() the client to the next form in the sequence and DOES NOT pass any data along the QueryString and there is absolutely NO HTML output on this processing page.<BR><BR>4. Response.Buffer = TRUE on all pages (yes that&#039s the default setting in ASP 3, but I physically coded it at the top of all the pages to make sure)<BR><BR>I feel that this is a fairly standard practice and I&#039ve used it before in other Server Side Script environments (ColdFusion and PHP) with success.<BR><BR>With IE, the response is pretty much instantaneous. With NetScape, it simply sits there waiting for a response. <BR><BR>All testing is running local on my desktop, which is also the development server.<BR><BR>If I simply go through the parts of the form by typing their URLs into the browser, both work very quickly. The only time there&#039s an issue is when I post the data from the form while using NetScape. Why?

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    SPG Guest

    Default Have you tried not letting the browser know?

    You realize, of course, that a Response.Redirect generates an error. That&#039s how it works -- it tosses an HTTP "Object Moved" (or something similar) down the pipe and then it&#039s up to the browser to do the heavy work of following the change.<BR><BR>*If* you&#039re just going to a new page (and hopefully don&#039t rely on anything -- like that page&#039s URL), *and* you&#039re using IIS 5 as stated, I&#039d suggest that instead of .Redirect-ing, you try a "Server.Transfer" or "Server.Execute"<BR><BR>Both of these are nasty little functions which, if widely used, promote bad code and rapid decay (user context isn&#039t updated, but global variables aren&#039t passed into the new .asp resulting in cognitive dissonance) -- but if you&#039re having problems with a .Redirect, they may also get you out a jam by keeping the changing page on the server.<BR><BR>HiH,<BR>SPG

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    Kevin J Turner Guest

    Default RE: Netscape Post / Response performance issues

    I have notice this phenomena, too, and with a bizarre twist to it. If the POST submission is launched from Netscape, it hangs there for a while then (usually) eventually submits. What is so bizarre is that if I place another window in front of Netscape (like Notepad), so that it&#039s overlapping the Netscape window, the FORM submission goes almost immediately after.(!!???)<BR><BR>For example:<BR>Test 1: I open Netscape, go to the page, and submit the form. A noticeable lag occurs, sometimes 30 seconds or more!<BR><BR>Test 2: I open Netscape and some other program (such as Notepad)... I go to the page and submit the form; I immediately Alt+Tab to Notepad, putting Netscape in the background and presto...instant response back.<BR><BR>I am convinced it&#039s not the database (I was using Sybase) and it&#039s not the back-end scripting language (I wasn&#039t even using ASP when I noticed this problem). I am pretty sure it has mostly something to do with IIS 5.0 + Netscape + POST submissions. It never used to lag until I installed IIS 5. In fact, I have some project pages that execute almost intantaneously in Netscape on an NT 4.0 production machine running IIS 4.0, but the very same pages lag on my development machine running Windows 2000/IIS 5.0.<BR><BR>K.

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