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    Goran V. Ciric Guest

    Default Problems with #include file

    The problem manifests like this:<BR><BR>Sometimes when you click the button that calls a pop-up (modal<BR>dialog) window, we get an error like "expected IF, do you wish to<BR>debug", or something like that. When I look the file in debugging, i<BR>see that explorer didnt read the line to the end, the cursor is in<BR>the middle of the line. Any way, if you choose not to debug, and just<BR>close the pop up, and start it again, everything works perfectly<BR>well. All there is to do is a simple refresh and every thing is<BR>fine. The problem now is that it start happening too often,...<BR><BR>What I manage to find out is that it always breaks in the lines from<BR>include files.<BR>{&#060;!--#include file="../filename.asp"--&#062;}<BR><BR>or after this tag<BR>&#060;link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../images/Compu.css"&#062;<BR>Does any one had any simular expiriance and what was the solution.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR><BR>- --<BR>Goran V. Ciric<BR>Data Mall Inc.<BR><BR>

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    debby Guest

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    I think the problem requires a good look at the code, maybe you missed something? I don&#039t think it has to do with your include or link statements.

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