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    Daneel Guest

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    I have a set of asp pages (on a winnt machine) that retrieve data from a database and I need to create html files with this data to be published on a Unix server.<BR>All I have to do is to "save" the output generated by IIS in the execution of my asp files in html files, but I can&#039t find the way to do it.<BR>I&#039d like to make it all in vbscript&asp but i&#039m also searching for an asp2html converter over the internet.<BR>Thanks.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    How often will you need to refresh the Html pages? If it is only a few pages which will be rarely updated, you could just right-click on the page, choose view source and then save the output as an Html file.<BR><BR>If you want to do this automatically, you should look at creating an ASP page that uses the FileSystemObject to create a new Html file and write the contents to it.

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    Daneel Guest

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    I have to update about 100 pages...<BR>The FileSystemObject solution is nice, but won&#039t save the inline html code :(<BR>i&#039ve read about a component named "asp2html" and i&#039m finding the way to use it.<BR>thank you.

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