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    I am displaying to the user the page(one.asp)which has links to all the choices he selected when he registered,then on that page(one.asp) i have a link which when cliked opens a new window(two.asp), where user can edit his choices & then <BR>when he is done he clicks on a link to come back to the oringinal page(ie one.asp).<BR> Now here on this one.asp the page is same as it was before editing ie it is not refreshing in Netscape only. But it does refresh in IE. The code could be right as when in netscape I press the refresh button it does get updated,while in IE there is no problem.Is there a code I have to write or an exception for refreshing in netscape. I would appreciate the help & thanks for reading.

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    stick this at the very top of the page<BR><BR>Response.Expires = 0

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