Hungarian Notation useful in ASP?

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Thread: Hungarian Notation useful in ASP?

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    Default Hungarian Notation useful in ASP?

    Is Hungarian Notation useful in ASP?<BR>I just can&#039t see the advantage because of the scripting languages used by ASP, where every declared variable is variant. However I do wish to know if anyone uses it and has found it beneficial.

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    Default Hungarian notation a crock ANYWHERE

    Fooey on MS.<BR><BR>If your code is so long and so complex that you can&#039t see almost at a glance what the data type of each variable is, then you need to break it into smaller pieces. And that will make it more maintainable than any silly notation. Period.<BR><BR>Just an opinion, of course. And of course I *never* express opinions as fact. Never. [snicker]<BR><BR>p.s.: Yes, it is especially a crock with VBS coding.<BR><BR><BR>

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