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    I just installed PWS in my NT 4.0 WS, and a simple code like the one showed, displays nothing!<BR><BR>&#060;%@ LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" %&#062;<BR>&#060;HTML&#062;<BR>&#060;BODY&#062;<BR > &#060;%="Hello, World!" %&#062;<BR>&#060;/BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;/HTML&#062;<BR><BR>Am&#039I missing something? <BR><BR>Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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    Reggie Guest

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    It works for me, so it doesn&#039t appear to be a problem with the code. Make sure the file that you save it in has a .asp ending and not a .htm or .html. Other than, try checking the permissions on the folder in PWS. Make sure the scripts box is checked.

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    Sateesh Guest

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    check the execute option in your pws, when you normally install the pws the excute option is not checked by default, you have to do it manually, try after giving the execute permission.<BR><BR>when you enter the pws you select the advanced option, it will display all the virtual directories available in your webserver, you select the directory where you stored the asp file and click the edit properties.. it will show the properties of the directory, if the execute is unchecked check it, stop the pws and start it again and try executing your file.

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