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    Albert Guest

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    I have a query.asp that runs based on a form. The problem is the query.asp keeps holding the old values from the last time the form was ran. (unless I close my browser). How do I reset the form variables?

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    Tom Anderson Guest

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    Basically you just set the old values to "":<BR><BR>field1Var = ""<BR>field2Var = ""

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    put these lines in front of query.asp code<BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Buffer=True<BR>Respons e.ExpiresAbsolute=Now()-1<BR>Response.Expires=0<BR>%&#062; <BR><BR><BR>Good Luck Kirk Out<BR>

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    Albert Guest

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    (Kirk) Should this be on the form page that calls the asp query page? Or the actual query page?<BR><BR>

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