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    Hi <BR><BR>I need to have small text area popup as a user mouseovers the certain portion of text. I would like for it to work as "popup text" property in Visual InterDev, but I need for it to work in Netscape as well. Any help, very appreciated....

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    Default This is *NOT* answerable in a posting...

    To work cross-browser, your only choices are to use a separate window or to learn DHTML (*and* how to apply it cross platform).<BR><BR>A popup window isn&#039t hard, but the minimum sized window allowed by most browsers is pretty large, possibly bigger than you want.<BR><BR>DHTML isn&#039t "hard", but it is incredibly detail oriented. Plus it doesn&#039t work *at all* with older browsers.<BR><BR>I suppose what you could do is use DHTML with MSIE 4 and 5 and NS 4 and 4.7 and then revert back to a popup window for any other browser. *NOW* you just have to learn how to tell what browser you are working with. Fun.<BR><BR>Anyway, the answer is way, way, way too complicated to try to post here. It takes one guy who explains DHTML really well and really concisely about 20 HTML pages (of 4 to 8 "text" pages each) to do it. So I think I will send you there:<BR> &nbsp; &nbsp; http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/<BR>(He even has a forum something like this one, just for DHTML!)<BR><BR>And as for doing a popup window: http://www.irt.org and then look for the JavaScript FAQ. Should be a question and answer there that is what you need.<BR><BR><BR>

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