Can I create new .asp page dynamically?

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Thread: Can I create new .asp page dynamically?

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    Steve Adamo Guest

    Default Can I create new .asp page dynamically?

    I have been recently playing with FileSystemObject and writing stuff to a file, etc.,... but was wondering if a variation of this theme can be created to make a new .asp page itself.<BR><BR>I am building a "page builder" for work, and allow for people to create fairly simple .asp pages, but it is simply sending variables to a pre-existing .asp page,...<BR><BR>Can I provide the option of creating a new page on the fly?<BR><BR>Thanks for any input,...<BR><BR>Steve

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    Sateesh Guest

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    It is possible and is widely in use

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    Steve Adamo Guest

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    Can you tell me more? :)<BR><BR>Show me an example, or provide a link to one,.. please! :)<BR><BR>Steve

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    Sateesh Guest

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    I havent come across any of the online materials on this. But even i have used this concept on an application, what the application does is it will create the asp report pages accoring to the user specific. depending upon the user specific selections i will create a asp file along with the queries and and the screen layouts. (the page is created by a asp on the fly) and the file will be stored on the webserver in the same path and the file name will be stored in the database, so when the user clicks the report section next time he will see the report that he added. when he clicks it will do the processing and display the resultpage in the html format

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Well, I have been kicking around this kind of idea, but never made it work in a meaningful way. I guess it really depends what you want to do. My main projects were this:<BR><BR>- Create an object-oriented ASP application to store all elements of pages (headers, footers, client and server scripts, stylesheets) and then easily combine them and write the results to .asp files and publish. I&#039m about 1/4 done with this app and you&#039re welcome to the code, but I&#039ll warn you it&#039s written in server JScript and sometimes obscure.<BR><BR>- Create an ASP app that re-wrote working ASP pages into test pages that would time every line of ASP to find performance bottlenecks. About 1/10th done and in no state to show.<BR><BR>- An ASP application with a wizard like interface that created pages connecting to databases. Not even yet attempted, but would probably be easy.<BR><BR>Richard

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