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    first off..... STOOPID ACCESS!<BR><BR>Hi,<BR>i feel a little better now that i have vented. *deep breath*<BR><BR>ok, heres my prob, i want to use the LIKE with wildcards in my sql statement.... sounds easy right.... pish, i create the sql in access copy and paste it into a variable, run it and VOMIT nuttin.... so fine, i use a select statement and use filter and works fine, but it sounds like i could be exhaustive considering it selects all records then filters it....<BR><BR>has anyone got the like statement to work in sql for access???<BR><BR>if so please, please post it.....<BR><BR>thnx in advance,<BR>steveF

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    Use star as the wildcard character, not percent sign.<BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>Select * <BR>From Food<BR>Where food_name Like &#039CHOCO*&#039

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