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Thread: Dropdown listbox does not display properly

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    Default Dropdown listbox does not display properly

    We have web page need to display 5 dropdownlistbox in one row and there are about 21 rows (Total there are 115 dropdownlistboxes). Users usually do not get the last two dropdownlistbox display properly, for instance, one listbox display on top of the other or the items in the listbox are not displayed. What would be the cause of this problem? Does it relate to the connection speed?

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    Default WHAT???? 115 drop downs???

    PLEASE tell me you are joking...are all this on one page??

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    Chrace Guest

    Default RE: Dropdown listbox does not display properly

    Sounds like you&#039re pushing IE (as always, I presume it&#039s IE clients that f..kup) a bit too far.<BR><BR>I have found that when you give IE extensive amounts of data and objects to handle in 1 page it&#039s not always as stable as it should be. Frames and tables are normally what messes mine up.<BR><BR>Try split the information up into 2, 3 or more pages according to page logics? At least just to see if it helps.<BR><BR>If it doesn&#039t, doublecheck your coding. :)<BR><BR>/Chrace

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