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    I am trying to get my recordset to display in the html table gride of 4 columns across and three rows down. I&#039m not sure if this is possible or not. I already have it displayed, but only in rows that go down the page. See my example of what I have.<BR>I have three fields, one has the image, the text describing the image, and a link to shopping cart. Any help is appreciated.<BR>Thanks

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    I am not sure how you are populating the table now, but the way i would approach it is this:<BR><BR>Assuming you are pulling from a table called "baseball", with fields named:<BR><BR>1)picture<BR>2)description<BR>3)link <BR><BR><BR>selectContentText = "select * from baseball"<BR>set selectContent = servername.Execute(selectContentText)<BR><BR>now you can populate individual cells in the table with individual components,..<BR><BR>cell one could contain:<BR>selectContent.Fields("picture")<BR><BR >cell two:<BR>selectContent.Fields("description")<BR><BR >cell two:<BR>selectContent.Fields("link")<BR><BR><BR>le t me know if this makes any sense to you, or if i have butcherd my own logic trying to relate it here,... :)<BR><BR>Steve<BR><BR>

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